Am I my brother's keeper?

Horizons - We live in a complex web of justice issues, laws and cultural influences, all of which are interconnected with institutions and structures. A change in one or two laws will not change the culture of death.

Love will save our civilization

Through the Spirit, God gifts us with peace unlike the peace the world gives. This year the need for this kind of peace seems much more urgent to me than in the Pentecosts of years past. 

Being present to those who mourn

Horzons - Blessed are they who mourn — or offer a shoulder to cry on. Because of my parents' age, going to funerals of grandparents, aunts, uncles and the occasional cousin was not uncommon in my young life. In a strange way, I looked forward to these times as a child, and I never knew this, but it was an unusual way to grow up.

The peacemaking monks of Tibhirine

Horizons - I first became aware of the Monks of Tibhirine, as they are commonly known, in the mid-2000s from a friend who was familiar with their story. Most striking to me was their commitment to building bridges between Christianity and Islam and their commitment to understanding the faith, traditions and lives of their neighbors.