Sarah Mac Donald is a freelance journalist based in Dublin. She contributes to The Tablet, the Irish Independent and NCR. She researched and produced the documentary "Mary Ward – Dangerous Visionary," which tells the story of the 16th-century foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Congregation of Jesus. She has contributed to books, including The Francis Factor: A New Departure (Columba Press, 2014) and God's Entrepreneurs: How Irish Missionaries Tried to Change the World (New Island Books, 2010).

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Q & A with Sr. Imelda Wickham, sharing insight into the reality of prison life

Presentation Sr. Imelda Wickham followed a call to be with people in prison. She was a prison chaplain for 20 years. Her new book spotlights Ireland's dysfunctional criminal justice system.

Q & A with Sr. Rita Wynne, educating adults in inner-city Dublin

Religious Sister of Charity Rita Wynne says she's the "factotum" for Dublin's Haven Centre, which serves adults who were unable to benefit from earlier education, to build their confidence and develop their skills.

UISG webinar on advocacy: Walk with, give voice to those on the margins

Sr. Norma Pimentel urged webinar attendees to make possible Pope Francis' "revolution of tenderness" through the "miracle of kindness." She told the sisters they "will be key in weaving together with other women strong lines of unity in our communities."

Sisters of St. Ann open First Nation residential school archive to museum to aid probe into child graves

As the number of remains of children found in unmarked graves on the properties of Indian residential schools in Canada rises, women religious communities and the church are grappling with their role in this history.