Eye (Unsplash/Takwa Abdo)

To see and be seen: Embracing presence as a ministry of learning

On her way to the chapel the author was suddenly stopped by the purple button flowers in the congregation's drawing room: "What surprised me was the tiny white blossoms within the purple bunch of flowers." (Lissy Maruthanakuzhy)

The flowers of creative fidelity

A village in the parish of Fang, in the Chiang Mai Diocese in Thailand, where the Presentation Sisters' mission community operates. The parish includes 21 villages, and the sisters work with all of them through their mission center. (Frances Hayes)

Mission work in Thailand continues, despite COVID-19

At left, women prepare meals for people in need in the convent kitchen of the Franciscans Missionaries of Mary; at right, a family receives food items during a lockdown for COVID-19. (Marian Champika Hanzege)

Living the charism during the pandemic in Peru