Tessy Jacob is a member of the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS). She is Indian in nationality, with an interest in evangelization through mass media. Her work/ministry experience has been as a freelance reporter in print media, including TV and film experience. Presently she is the joint secretary of the Indian Catholic press Association (ICPA) and serves as the communication coordinator of her home province.

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Baptized and sent: What makes a missionary?

A sister may be in charge of the kitchen, or a farm, or secretarial work, or in charge of a house, or even just praying for others: Even then, essentially all are missionaries.

The prodigal son's prodigal father and the banquet that made all the difference

Recently, the recollection of one of my past experiences made me ponder over the figure of the father in the parable of the prodigal son — and his father. What does true reconciliation look like?

God's plan for me in the media

Catholic nuns as media persons are a rare sight in India. This was driven home to me recently. I was the only woman in a six-member crew of a Catholic television channel that went to cover a charismatic prayer meeting in a northern Indian town.

Q & A with Sr. Lisha Chiramattel

Sr. Lisha Chiramattel has been working among the Ho people, one of the most isolated tribes in eastern India, for the past 23 years. The Holy Spirit nun's work has brought remarkable changes in their lives, people who have been ignored by mainstream society because of their remoteness and "uncivilized" living conditions. The Catholic Health Association of India honored her in 2006 for her outstanding contribution in bringing health care to an unreachable region. Chiramattel shared with Global Sisters Report her struggles to bring life and hope to an unwanted group of people in Odisha state.