This house is committed to community

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Ana Gonzalez, a Dominican Sister of Peace Ana Gonzalez who ministers in the Admissions Office of Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, Connecticut, lives in community with about eight other sisters.

"We are living an intergenerational, intercultural and inter-congregational community." Residents include sisters who are Mexican, Vietnamese and a native of Zambia, as well as sisters from their 30s to 80s, from three Dominican communities.

"This is a very enriching and very telling experience, because as we navigate our journey in religious life, it's not just siloed, it's not just one angle," she said. "Being able to have a multi-perspective angle is a good foundation for a world that is requiring us to have a global understanding."

The sisters are intentional about how they live together. "The house, the structure, has been there for years," she said. "Every time a new person comes in, it's a new community. So we need to be open to letting go of old ways, old traditions."

The diverse community allows the opportunity to include a little bit of everyone's gifts, she said.

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