Judith Best, SSND, is coordinator of www.sturdyroots.org and gives presentations on the heritage of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. She is also exploring evolution as the bridge between science and religion.

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Mentors for life during COVID-19: Mom, Dad and Merton

As I reflect on living during the pandemic, mentors guide me: my mother and her Irish faith, wit and temper and humor; my father and his ability to let life happen around him; and Thomas Merton.

Resistance woman: Do I qualify?

A new book about women who resisted Hitler in Nazi Germany has inspired me to choose how to respond to these troubled times.

'People's Companion to the Breviary' reminds me of who I am

The Indianapolis Carmelites co-authored, as a community, what eventually evolved into the 1997 People's Companion to the Breviary, which included women as members of the Catholic Church and beyond.

Remembering sisters' courage in East Berlin

Remembering the Berlin Wall's fall stirred up vivid memories. I visited fellow sisters in East Berlin, back when the city was divided. The courage of the imprisoned to dream of a different future taught me the power of imagination, and the vitality of organizing for systemic change.