Judith Best, SSND, is coordinator of www.sturdyroots.org and gives presentations on the heritage of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. She is also exploring evolution as the bridge between science and religion.

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Hammering swords into plowshares: a New Year's challenge

Some Americans who exemplify a possible way to take cutting criticism and angry feelings and turn these "swords" into "plowshares" call to me today.

St. Louis Jesuits convey sense of 'Coming Home'

As an alumna of the choir that accompanied the St. Louis Jesuits in the 1970s, I was honored to be among those invited to sing at their final concert. Memories triggered by songs brought to mind a lifetime of being loved by a God beyond all names.

Pops' way of life leveled the field, made us better

I met some someone who helped me realize how much I judge others by appearances and not substance.

Racial divide worsens in Ferguson

As my city remembers the fifth anniversary of the killing of Michael Brown, a black teenager, by a white police officer, as the nation marks 400 years since the start of African slavery, there are disturbing signs that the racial divide in St. Louis and Ferguson, Missouri, continues to escalate.