Judith Best, SSND, is coordinator of www.sturdyroots.org and gives presentations on the heritage of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. She is also exploring evolution as the bridge between science and religion.

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Sister Regina: 'daughter of the rising sun'

Sr. Regina Kabayama, a School Sister of Notre Dame, was born in Osaka in 1931. I am filled with awe how her spirit was nurtured with a diversity of experiences and how her faithful Catholic family, strengthened through persecution, blessed her with resilience and commitment.

Monuments matter

Recently one of our sisters who had served on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation shared a photo of a monument called "Kindred Spirits." It reminds us of mutual compassion after bitter hardships.

Whenever I feel afraid of corona

I've been giving presentations on how musicals help us get through hard times. Today, "The King and I" offers wisdom as we deal with racial bias, bigotry, polarization and learning to live with different views.

Mentors for life during COVID-19: Mom, Dad and Merton

As I reflect on living during the pandemic, mentors guide me: my mother and her Irish faith, wit and temper and humor; my father and his ability to let life happen around him; and Thomas Merton.