Mercy Sr. Larretta Rivera-Williams is originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She is coordinator of pastoral care at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in her hometown. Since entering the Sisters of Mercy in 1982, she has ministered as an elementary, secondary and divinity school educator. She has written and produced plays as well as directed and choreographed. Prior to her ministry at St. Leo, she was an associate chaplain at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem.

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When will 'wounded justice' be resurrected?

How long must people of color deal with racism and rejection in North America? Those of us who live in daily racial uncertainty must believe that the arc of God's goodness will bend toward fairness, honesty, righteousness and integrity.

Mama, please, I can't breathe!

Blistering bigotry burns deep into the souls of people of color. African Americans live with the possibility that racism will flare up every day, and by the end of the day we can be emotionally and spiritually drained.

My life on a swinging bridge

My life is like a swinging bridge crossing a rushing river. I get up in the morning, not knowing what the day will bring. I step forward in faith trusting that all will be well: balanced, safe and profitable. But what would life be like if I did not walk by faith, if I had no hope?

Racist words, even on the soccer field

Every day there are situations in the news related to violence, racial discrimination, social upheavals, or questions involving immoral and unethical conditions. Keep your head in the game! Is this the way God meant for us to live? I am sure it is not! But that is the way minorities have had to live in the United States in order to survive.