Welcome to Global Sisters Report's new website

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Today, you'll notice Global Sisters Report looks different: We have launched a newly redesigned website that features a fresher and more organized design.

It's been a few years since the GSR website and its related publications, National Catholic Reporter and EarthBeat, have all gotten a face-lift. The overall look makes it easier for readers to find stories and discover other content.

At the top of the site, you'll find a slightly updated logo. The redesign brings in purple as GSR's new signature color, helping to differentiate it from NCR's and EarthBeat's signature colors, which are blue and green, respectively. The globe remains largely the same to symbolize our commitment to covering the lives and ministries of women religious worldwide.

Also at the top are easy ways to search our website (click "Search" just above the GSR logo) and to sign up for our free newsletters.

Directly under the GSR logo are two organizational tools: a larger menu with all of GSR's sections, special projects, and links to our related publications; and a set of quick links to take you to the most pertinent GSR content of the day. Click any word to be taken to that landing page.

To the right of our lead story is a list of the most recently published pieces, including Q&As, Monday Starter, A Nun's Life podcasts, and our other features. Below this top set of stories is our redesigned space for columns, the easiest way to find the most recent contributions from sisters worldwide.

The rest of the website displays the most recent stories in each section, although you can click on the section title to go to pages that contain all content from that section. Toward the bottom is our Community News section and GSR in the Classroom.

Finally, the "footer" at the bottom of the site has links to all kinds of helpful webpages, including how to contact us; more about GSR, our team and our mission; and links to our social media accounts to follow us throughout your day.

Improved story pages will direct readers to other related content and also provide more freedom for our team to design a layout behind the scenes. The format is also more mobile-friendly for readers who read GSR on their devices.

The launch on Oct. 17 represents almost two years of work on the part of many GSR and NCR staff, most especially NCR managing editor Stephanie Yeagle, who has put in countless hours as the project lead. We also want to thank the design team at Garcia Media and our web developers at Congruity Works.

There may be a few glitches here and there, as there are with any redesign and move to a new content management system. (That's the part of Global Sisters Report you don't see.) If you notice something you want to bring to our attention, email us at redesign@ncronline.org.

We plan to soon introduce an automated translation option for multiple languages to the Global Sisters Report website. We will keep you posted on that exciting development. Early next year, we also plan to introduce our Spanish-language edition, which will feature content written specifically for our Spanish readers as well as select content from our English-language website that human translators will review. The Spanish-language content will also be translated into English and used on our main website.

We hope you like the changes. One thing that doesn't change is our mission: to be "a dynamic online community that reports on and gives voice to women religious around the world."

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