Vietnamese sisters help people during severe typhoon season

Women religious congregations in Vietnam are giving emergency aid to those affected by deadly hurricanes and floods in the country's northern and central provinces, responding to a call by the nation's bishops. Two tropical storms, along with landslides and floods caused by driving rain, have severely damaged 14 provinces in the region since August, leaving thousands of people homeless and destroying agriculture in the region.

Haiti's fragility of infrastructure, strength of people remain one year after Hurricane Matthew

This month, and probably for every October for the rest of her life, Haitian Sr. Evelyn Moliney will remember a time she would rather forget. A year ago, Hurricane Matthew bore down on southwestern Haiti, threatening a large swath of coastal area, including the city and surrounding areas of Jérémie, the capital city of the department, or province, of Grand'Anse. 

Development, human rights, environment -- 'water is at the heart of all of it'

Wielding their power as shareholders to challenge corporations, women religious are teaming up with each other and with other faith groups to ensure companies are water-conscious in their corporate practices. "If one person is speaking to a company, that's one thing. ... When you come to the company, and you have 15 shareholders who are concerned about the issue, it makes a difference.


Puerto Rico: Information, water, electricity scarce

Aid has been pouring in to Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria ravaged the island Sept. 20, but the U.S. territory still faces a massive rebuilding challenge in addition to the immediate needs for water and food. As for women religious in Puerto Rico, little information has been coming out about how they fared in the storm and how they have been in the weeks since.