Mercy Sisters share new guidebook for changing views on human trafficking

July 30 is the United Nations World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, and sisters are working as ever to eradicate forced labor and sex, which victimizes 21 million people globally. They also are working to change perceptions about human trafficking, calling it part of larger human rights violations, not a "single isolated event." 

Q & A with Sr. Angela Reed, seeking to address the root causes of human trafficking

"I object to the notion that anyone can be trafficked as if everything can be reduced to girls and young women being plucked from the streets. ... The larger dynamic is that trafficking tends to be at the far end of a continuum of violence and exploitation that already existed in many girls' lives."

Sex trafficking is 'rooted in structure of society,' says speaker

The fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation may need its own #MeToo moment, according to a leading trafficking opponent. Good Shepherd Sr. Winifred Doherty, who is her religious congregation's representative to the United Nations, observed that sex trafficking, "a debasement of the human person," is "rooted in the structure of society, and more so today."