Guardian Angel sisters in Mexico risk safety to aid often-traumatized migrants

Ixtepec, Mexico - To the Guardian Angel sisters who run it, the Albergue Hermanos en el Camino migrant shelter is more than a center for resources or a bed for the night. It's an opportunity to prevent trafficking and identify those who may have experienced it. And though, with the threat of gangs, the sisters' lives can "truly be in danger ... we will share our space, and we will live out our mission."

Q & A with Sr. Marie Agnes Buasap, teaching young people in Thailand to avoid being trafficked

Being assigned to a hill tribe in Mae Jam, Chiang Mai, a northern area of Thailand, changed the life of Sr. Marie Agnes Buasap, a Sister of St. Paul de Chartres. Her congregation has been in Thailand for 120 years and has 22 schools for students from kindergarten to high school. 

Trafficking weaves a web around our lives

Contemplate This - Contemplation invites us to awaken to the reality around us. It helps us see in new ways what can be considered an everyday experience. It asks us to take a long, loving look at the real so that what is invisible may come into view. The issue of human trafficking has been in our consciousness for many years. Women religious have worked tirelessly to bring this issue to the forefront of political debate and corporate decision making.

On Guatemalan gang turf, Oblate sister reaches out to women in prostitution

Focus on Human Trafficking - Though common knowledge warns against anyone wandering into La Línea, Sr. Angélica Segoviano has gained daily access by establishing trust with the women she visits. It takes time before they open up to her about their lives and worries, their initial suspicion born of the fact that some have gone years without anyone simply asking how they're doing.