The view from the border bridge

When I am tired of arguing in defense of immigrants, of calling my legislators, of documenting what's happening via social media, I think of the refugees I have met in the temporary shelters. They are tired, too. 

Personal, universal urgency in Advent

During Advent 2015, I was midway through chemotherapy for recurrent ovarian cancer and shared the journey in a Global Sisters Report series called "Inter-Mission." The liturgical season helped me move from fear to hope. It's Advent again

Metaphors for the future

In this stage of the evolution of consecrated life, we women religious have found encouragement and challenge in a variety of metaphors and images that help us make meaning of the experience.

Completion, with eyes on the horizon

Driving through the streets of Albuquerque on the way to a memorial service for Sr. Paula Gonzalez, I felt strongly the presence of the many pioneer Sisters of Charity who ministered there since the days of the Wild West. The intrepid Sr. Blandina Segale, now Servant of God in the process of canonization, arranged for the establishment of the school in the plaza of Old Town, and the convent there still bears her name.