Linda Romey is a Benedictine Sister of Erie, Pennsylvania. She is the community's web developer/designer and does marketing for Monasteries of the Heart, Benetvision and the Erie Benedictines. She is a former marketing and advertising manager for the National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company. Prior to entering the Erie Benedictines, she worked seven years in Colombia, partially under the aegis of the Denver Archdiocese. She holds a bachelor's degree in theology from Rockhurst University and a Master of Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management, DeVry University.

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Being Benedictine on the cusp of a new era for monasticism

The online gathering "Being Benedictine in the 21st Century " brought together vowed members, oblates, volunteers, staff and others who see monastic spirituality as a vital source of healing for an unsettled world.

History where women's achievements are the norm, not the exception

The often unrecorded and seldom recognized history of women religious is a legacy that continues to benefit church and society. We are the fruit of their courageous and unstoppable mission to follow Jesus.

Sharing sandboxes for heart-training

Teaching our hearts to love is an adult task. It means I am responsible for what I pay attention to, what I teach my heart so that my choices are informed and loving. I recently spent a week on the Texas/Mexico border where my heart had a chance to test what it loves.

It's traditions, not religious life

How much of the talk about the future of religious life is really about the future of our religious traditions, not the life itself? Vowed members will continue to be as important to the lifeblood of the traditions as non-vowed members are coming to be.