Nancy Linenkugel has been a member of the Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania, Ohio, since 1968 and writes blogs for her community's website. She is an alumna of Xavier University's Master's of Health Services Administration Program and serves as its director. She was president and CEO of Providence Hospital and Providence Health System from 1986 to 2001.

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Time to awaken to a new day

"He who calls you is faithful." The trusty clock radio's alarm goes off and a new day gets underway that is ready to receive your best efforts, your best thinking and your best self.

Conquering a major fear: the city bus

I board a plane to somewhere, and I get there. I board a train, and I get there. I board a taxi or an Uber, and I get there. Certainly, in a car, I get where I want to go. But to me, a city bus is different from all of those.

We won't forget Anne Frank

A date in 2019 may easily go unnoticed, but I won't forget it. The date is June 12, the 90th birthday of Anne Frank, who was born in 1929. On her 13th birthday, she received the now-famous red-checked diary.

It only took 50 years to learn

At my high school reunion we weren't football stars or cheerleaders or class officers or popular couples at a dance or invisible persons on the edge of activities. No. Now we were all just same-level persons who had a similar high school experience as our common bond. In a very real way, we were now equals.