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At Global Sisters Report, we do our best to provide a variety of articles and columns that reflect the diversity and the richness of religious life. Our mission — which hasn't changed since we launched in April 2014 — is to be "a dynamic online community that reports on and gives voice to women religious around the world."

But how we accomplish that mission has evolved and changed over the years — with many of the changes as a result of input from readers. Help us do a better job in offering stories and columns you want to read by filling out our survey. (Thanks to those of you who have already done so!) Here is the link: Global Sisters Report Reader Survey 2021.

When we got feedback a few years ago that too many of our articles were focused on ministry and not enough about religious life itself, we examined how we could change that. One result was Dan Stockman's four-part series about new forms of religious life, which recently won an Award for Excellence from the Religion News Association.

We had already introduced The Life, a monthly feature that poses questions for responses from 20 sisters selected each year from various congregations around the world. But we tweaked questions to solicit more insights into religious life, for instance, asking a series of questions about vows that elicited very meaningful and thoughtful responses.

Here are a few other ways we have changed to better serve our readers:

We're always looking for sisters and associates and oblates to write columns for us. You can write just once, or occasionally or become a "regular." Please contact Sr. Michele Morek —

Have a suggestion of a sister who would make a good Q&A? Or a ministry that we should write about? Or a trend you've observed in religious life? Or an item for Monday Starter you want to bring to our attention? Please write to me, Gail DeGeorge — We love to hear from our readers! (And thanks to all who write us to let us know you liked a particular column or story — we delight in sharing them among our team and we save them to share on occasion with funders and with board members of National Catholic Reporter.)

Together we can make Global Sisters Report more responsive, more reflective of religious life and ministries around the world and even better fulfill our mission! Thank you again for your participation in the GSR Reader Survey 2021.

Gail DeGeorge

Gail DeGeorge is editor of Global Sisters Report. Her email address is Follow her on Twitter: @GailDeGeorge.

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