Tracy Kemme is a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati who authored the blog Diary of a Sister-in-Training during formation. After a decade in social justice and Hispanic ministry, she is working toward her master's degree in pastoral ministry at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.

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Life goes on: Losing Janet, finding strength in community

Horizons - It was November of 2007 when I first met Sister of Charity of Cincinnati Janet Gildea. She would have been 63 years old September 11. The world just feels different without her.

Behold, a millennial nun responds

Horizons - I'm scrolling through Facebook when my eyes land on a fascinating headline: "Behold, the Millennial Nuns." I click, slightly apprehensive — because I am a millennial nun. What will the author have to say about us, apparently a breed to behold?

Grandma sees me as I am in the present

Interview with the 90-year-old grandma of a sister-in-training: Sassy and direct, Grandma's never been known to hold back her views, so I'd imagined she'd respond to my questions with refreshing frankness. Now, with her memory failing, I'm worried I waited too long. But I want to try.

Intercongregational future full of hope

Horizons - As the pottery wheel of time whizzes on, God lovingly molds us with expert hands into what — and who — is needed for the present. Even as we grieve, we can rejoice in the goodness emerging. Instead of "diminishment," I choose a paradigm of "transformation."