Behold, a millennial nun responds

Horizons - I'm scrolling through Facebook when my eyes land on a fascinating headline: "Behold, the Millennial Nuns." I click, slightly apprehensive — because I am a millennial nun. What will the author have to say about us, apparently a breed to behold?

Grandma sees me as I am in the present

Interview with the 90-year-old grandma of a sister-in-training: Sassy and direct, Grandma's never been known to hold back her views, so I'd imagined she'd respond to my questions with refreshing frankness. Now, with her memory failing, I'm worried I waited too long. But I want to try.

Intercongregational future full of hope

Horizons - As the pottery wheel of time whizzes on, God lovingly molds us with expert hands into what — and who — is needed for the present. Even as we grieve, we can rejoice in the goodness emerging. Instead of "diminishment," I choose a paradigm of "transformation."

Dear white people: Nice doesn't cut it

Horizons: In addressing racism, no one is accusing contemporary whites for creating the system. They are pointing out that we are the ones who have benefitted from the system and continue to benefit from it at others' expense.