Including everyone: How sisters go to 'ends of the earth' to share Jesus

The Life - Living among people who are poor, living an exemplary life that speaks louder than words, recognizing Christ in others, incarnating God's tenderness, love, mercy and justice for all they meet, realizing that the people they serve are their salvation — these are the ways in which sisters fit into the "great commission" of Jesus in Matthew 28: to make disciples of all nations.

Faith-based groups address migration issues in Asia-Pacific region

Issues surrounding labor migration — such as the rights of migrant workers, high fees on wired remittances, and inconsistent policies across nations — were the focus of a recent three-day conference, "Migrant Workers: An Asian-Pacific Experience." The gathering in New Delhi drew 161 participants, mostly religious, from across Asia.

Clinic offers affordable medical care, programs that assist women, families

In a part of Guatemala City that lacks public health amenities, Sr. Sarah Mulligan runs a clinic where locals of all income levels can get affordable, quality medical care. Clínica Daniel Comboni offers several programs to meet locals' needs; some services empower local women, while others supplement children's education and nutrition.