Dana Wachter is a freelance journalist and digital storyteller now based in London, Ontario. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, the University of Maryland graduate spent nearly seven years as a television anchor and reporter in Tennessee, Virginia, and North and South Carolina. After moving to Ghana to manage communications for a nonprofit, Challenging Heights, she first filed video content for Global Sisters Report

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Q & A with Dr. Valérie Julie Brousseau, helping Canadian religious communities prevent COVID-19

"People need to take this seriously, and they need to realize that they could be next because this is going to last for another year, year and a half, before we have a vaccine." 

Adorers help vulnerable women take back their dignity in Cape Verde

Kreditá na bo in Mindelo, Cape Verde, works with sexually exploited and at-risk women and girls. Helping women is "not just my work; it's my mission from God," says director Sr. Milagros García.

Investing in social enterprises, sisters promote systemic change

Supporting themselves through impact investing, sisters use funds to promote social changes like reducing reliance on fossil fuels, creating opportunities for employment training,  and bringing fresh groceries to former "food deserts." Putting money directly into startup companies or organizations that create a positive social or environmental impact along with financial returns as they grow is a newer way that more Canadian religious communities have found to help people while generating operating and retirement income. "We don't just do this because it's a good thing to do," Ursuline Sr. Theresa Mahoney said. "It is that, but it's also good for us. It brings us financing we need, and it gives us joy."

Canadian religious leaders energized to create new consecrated paths

At the Canadian Religious Conference's 32nd general assembly, religious leaders applauded a keynote speaker's call to rethink what Catholic religious life can be. "I think we need to see things in a more diversified way," professor Elena Lasida said.