Melanie Lidman

Correspondent for Africa and the Middle East

Melanie Lidman is a freelance journalist in Israel who covers Africa and the Middle East for Global Sisters Report. Originally from Boston and a graduate of the University of Maryland, she also works for the Times of Israel and has filed work for National Catholic Reporter. Previously, Melanie was the Jerusalem metro reporter for the Jerusalem Post. Though Israel has one of the highest concentration of journalists in the world, Lidman is one of the only who travels to news events almost exclusively by bicycle, which she calls Savlanut (patience). You can follow her on Twitter at @melanielidman.

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Articles by Melanie Lidman

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Dormitory expansion in Tanzania is slow but keeps girls in school Mar 29, 2016 Story : News
Electronic waste: Informal economy supports thousands in Ghana slum Jun 13, 2016 Story : News
Ghana's once-laudable health insurance plan puts Catholic hospital at financial risk May 30, 2016 Story : News
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