A hemisphere of networks network about anti-trafficking efforts

At a Cleveland retreat center Oct. 24-27, the U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking network brought together women religious throughout the Western Hemisphere to share best practices in anti-trafficking ministry and to strengthen connections across borders. "This has given us is a flavor, to look at who we are together in this hemisphere and how we can help one another."

Woman religious urges college students to help at border

Sr. Mary McCabe is not one to say: "Been there, done that." The Sister of Notre Dame de Namur has spent most of the past 40 years helping women in rural farming communities in northern Brazil. And in the past year and a half since she has been back in the U.S., she has been teaching English classes in Baltimore.

Sanctuary ministry that has aided thousands of immigrants needs new home

For more than three decades, the subterranean level of Trinity United Methodist Church in Berkeley, California, is the place the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant has called home. Its simple red door at the bottom of a stairway has been the gateway to safe and secure passage into the United States for thousands of immigrants and refugees. Despite its rundown environs, Franciscan Sr. Maureen Duignan, the organization's executive director, is deeply worried the program may soon lose this space.

Mercy sisters decry report of immigrant children moved to tent city

The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas said they are "outraged and appalled" by a recent report of migrant children being moved to a tent city in Texas, adding that what is happening now "pales in comparison to the trauma and uncertainty these young girls and boys and their families will experience for years to come."