Melanie Lidman is a freelance journalist in San Francisco. Originally from Boston and a graduate of the University of Maryland, she previously worked for the Times of Israel and as Africa and the Middle East for Global Sisters Report. Previously, Lidman was the Jerusalem metro reporter for the Jerusalem Post.

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On Earth Day's 50th anniversary, bees buzz with hope for California sisters

With the widespread collapse of bee colonies and the danger this poses for ecosystems, beekeepers like the Mission San Jose Dominicans are a small but essential part of the fight against climate change.

Handing the pen to sisters: sister theologians in Myanmar

Writing is an essential tool, the way sister theologians in Myanmar can share their thoughts and ideas with people around the world and ensure the diversity of theological thought. Here, six sisters who participated in the writing workshop share their stories.

In time for Christmas: US family discovers Chinese nuns who rescued adopted baby daughter

The Worleys of Tennessee adopted their daughter Teagan at the age of 5 in March. Wanting to know more about her early years, they came across a Global Sisters Report article about nuns in China who care for orphans with disabilities — and found some of the answers they were looking for.

Seeking Refuge: Jordan takes in masses of Syrians but prefers they don't stay

A planned refugee camp opened in Jordan in 2014 offers health care, education and food to encourage people fleeing from Syria's war not to settle permanently in urban areas — where 81 percent of them live today. Meanwhile, sisters help make connections to ease refugees' lives in the cities, sometimes being able to do little more than lend an ear.

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