Philip Mathew is a journalist based in Bangalore, southern India. He edits Asia Pacific Ecumenical News and writes for Matters India. He is a former staff of the Christian Conference of Asia in Hong Kong and a former managing editor of the ecumenical paper People’s Reporter.

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Q & A with Sr. Gracy Vadakara, a promoter of interreligious dialogue

In multicultural India, "interreligious initiatives are not a luxury, but an indispensable obligation of every citizen," says Sr. Gracy Vadakara, Indian provincial of the Daughters of the Church.

Walking campaign brings Gospel message to non-Christians in India

Meeting with two Catholic nuns who were on a journey to spread the Gospel proved a turning point in the life of Mohan Kumar, a Hindu man in Kerala, southern India.

At Marialaya, girls from India's slums find home, nurture and a future

Chennai, India - Many of the girls at this house under the care of Salesian Sisters are abandoned, are orphaned or have a single parent. Most of them lived on the streets. "We try to create a homely atmosphere here to restore human dignity in them," says Marialaya director Sr. Soosai Muthu Arul. "They also get necessary opportunities and facilities to grow healthy in mind and body."

Embroidery center designs new life for shattered women

Since 1875, the center, founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, has catered to single mothers, divorcees, widows and victims of domestic abuse to help them earn a living so they can support their families.