Philip Mathew is a journalist based in Bangalore, southern India. He edits Asia Pacific Ecumenical News and writes for Matters India, a news portal that collaborates with GSR and focuses on religious and social issues. He is a former staff of the Christian Conference of Asia in Hong Kong and a former managing editor of the ecumenical paper People’s Reporter.

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Q & A with Sr. Robancy Amal Helen, an activist for Dalit Christians in India

Christians of former low caste or Dalit origin face discrimination within the Catholic Church, but they never abandon their faith in Christ, says Sr. Robancy Amal Helen, who has been advocating for Dalits in the church in India.

Q & A with Sr. Rini Rose, making rosaries and praying for those who need it

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Sr. Rini Rose lives at a Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament convent in India, where she receives prayer requests, helping hundreds lead a life of blessings and grace.

Q & A with Sr. Adele Korah, counseling inmates with Prison Ministry India

During her 17 years of prison ministry, Charity Sr. Adele Korah has helped, counseled, guided and reformed many prisoners to lead normal lives in Indian society.

Q & A with Sr. Christin Mary, advocate for India's domestic workers

Sr. Christin Mary coordinates the National Domestic Workers' Movement, which champions the rights of domestic workers, including children and migrants. She spoke to GSR about her work with the movement.