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Global Sisters Report is reporting from the road with frequent updates and photos as the fifth annual NETWORK Nuns on the Bus Tour Mend the Gaps gets on the road July 11-29, 2016. Earlier, GSR covered Bridge the Divides, Transform Politics during an eight-state journey Sept. 10-24, 2015, and also the 10-state We the People, We the Voters tour Sept. 17-Oct. 20, 2014; those blogs are below.

Nuns on the Bus 2016: Choosing positive change

Nuns on the Bus Blog - One phrase that has been running through my head over the past week is that "actions have consequences." Is it any wonder that we have a widening wealth and income inequality gap when our nation has chosen, for the past three decades, to prioritize tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals and corporations over using our resources to invest in the common good?

Of echoes and holograms, Pope Francis' words and what Nuns on the Bus heard on the road

Nuns on the Bus Blog - Sisters on the tour were struck by Pope Francis’ words, particularly his address to the U.S. Congress that came just as we completed an amazing trip through seven states and 13 cities with 33 stops. We went to talk with people, hear their stories, provide a space for conversations and learn how they are bridging divides.

Look! I am making something new

Nuns on the Bus Blog - As I write this, we are on the bus on our way to Washington, having made our last stop in Wheeling, West Virginia. During the silent time of our prayer this morning, the faces of people we have met along the way kept rolling through my mind. Next this Scripture passage was read: “Look! I am making something new. Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” (Is. 43:19-21) How appropriate!